Saturday, July 7, 2012

Temporama and The Princess Bride

Tired of the Temporama  yet? This is the last piece, I promise. This is the 4 Cup Coffee Pot that I put on Etsy today. I'm so torn over keeping it or selling it, because I'm sure I'll never come across another one for the price I paid. But I can't keep everything, and it deserves a nice home!

 For some crafty goodness, I upcycled this a few weeks ago from some ugly .10 prints I found at a yard sale. I got the idea from Elsie and Emma @ A Beautiful Mess.. my favorrrriitttteeee blog of all time. You can find the tutorial there... I followed the directions, except I used pink spray paint rather than acrylic paint. I applied 3 coats, drying completely between each, and drying over-night before I lifted the letters off. In the mean time, I sprayed the frame with aqua... and who doesn't love The Princess Bride, seriously.

I have another frame and print, but I can't for the life of me think of a phrase that's short and sweet to go along with the other. Craft rage >.<

xoxo, Whimsical Road

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