Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Temporama and Amber Glass

 I was lucky to come across a box of Temporama by Cannonsburg a few days ago at a church sale. The box contained this gravy boat and underplate, a coffeepot, bread and butter plates, berry bowls, and saucers. I will be keeping a few pieces, and listing the rest on Etsy. I loooove the Atomic Age looking pattern and aqua color, but alas.. it doesn't match my 1970's kitchen color scheme.

I've also been collecting vintage ashtrays and amber glass. I found this Anchor Hocking Fairfield ashtray at the same church sale. I already have a set, so this one is going up on Etsy.


I am practicing with a new digi cam, and plan to photograph many things I've collected lately. I'm not very impressed with the results so far, but I'm sure its operator failure :D

xoxo, Whimsical Road

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