Monday, June 15, 2009

New Dresses and the Bashakill

A new shirred dress in Amy Butler. I was worried about how this would come out, but I think it's actually lovely.

Also, a sweet little 4th of July dress (in a not-so-sweet picture, ack):

This weekend, we went on a drive through the Bashakill freshwater wetlands. These photos don't do the place justice.. there are waterfalls, birds, turtles, and great fishing. The Catskill Mountains are in the background. So peaceful and special.

Afterwards, we went to the Drive-In theater :) Must be summer!


  1. The dresses are lovely - you did a great job! We LOVE going to the drive-in!! What a great place to take the family! : )

  2. Yes, we ate far more popcorn and candy than should be legally allowed. :)

  3. I actually gasped out loud when I saw that first dress! I want that one!

    The dress I won in your contest arrived and I took my daughter's photo in it this morning. Check my blog tomorrow to see the post!

  4. Your shirred dresses are gorgeous! My grandmother used to make that style for my sister and I when we were young:)