Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Color Blockage

I have a very difficult time picking fabric combinations. I scan the bolts in the material shop and find THE perfect main fabric for my next project.. but then it all falls apart. I cannot pick coordinating patterns or colors to save my life.

I'm always drawn to blue.. no matter how hard I try to match that pink and green floral, I always end up back in the blue section. I've tried scanning fabric websites and printing out eye catching fabric combos (like a cheat sheet of ideas).. then trying to mimic the styles and colors when I go to purchase fabrics. Nope. I always come home with single yards of novelty prints with nothing to match them, or blue tones.

I think I get overwhelmed with all the color and prints. I think maybe I just don't have the knack. How am I ever going to make my first quilt if I can't coordinate fabrics? :b

Anyone else have this problem? Like writer's block for seamstresses....

Freedom @ Whimsical Road

(p.s.) Photos coming soon of a new bag, key keepers, and wallets.. AFTER they arrive at thier destinations. Happy Mother's Day!

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