Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toy Society Drop, plus new Stash

New Toy Society drop.. a little calico kitty. My sweetie and I were visiting someone in the hospital, and he suggested we take a toy to the pediatric ward. We left it with one of the nurses to find him a new home. The pattern came from Cherryskin's blog.
Speaking of my sweetie.. he had a rare day off of work yesterday. In the afternoon, he took me to a quilting store that I've been wanting to visit for months, and while we were there, he signed us up for a 6 week quilting class!! He loved all the japanese and asian themed fabrics (his hobby is japanese gardening), and said the classes would be something we could do together... I was shocked. Next weekend, we are going to pick out the fabrics for our projects. *swoon*

Of course, while we were there, I picked up some new stash...
9 x 11 remnants, .25 cents each:

There's some Moda in here, plus Heather Ross mermaids...

And Joel Dewberry (40 5 x5 squares that I ordered from Ebay, they arrived yesterday, yay!):

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