Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New coffee cozy in Robert Kaufman Sweet Tooth cupcake fabric. These are pretty adjustable due to the elastic and button, and even fit cold plastic cups.

I also made several two-pocket wallets (pattern from Bend The Rules Sewing). Shown below in the sushi fabric and a blue and brown floral... but I also made several using the cupcake fabric.

I also finally caved in and bought a snap setting tool, and believe me... it's SO much better than the hammer setting method. I cracked so many of the pearl snaps that way, ruining the whole wallet. With the new tool, I haven't cracked a single one. The brand I bought was the Dritz Snap-A-Plier from Joann Fabrics.... make sure you get the correct tool for the size snaps you wish to use.


  1. Pretty cute! The blue & brown floral one is my fav. And you are so right to warn about getting the correct size of snap tool. I've made that mistake!

  2. The blue and brown seems to be the favorite. :)