Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sushi Wristlet (love, love, love how this came out):
The interior is a lime green with white dots.
Skully Wristlet:

Interior lining of Skully Wristlet... with a pirate theme!

Close up of the pirate fabric...ARRG!

Blue and black, the iso on this photo is off.. the fabric is not quite this bright.

Interior lining... light blue with tiny black dots.


  1. These are gorgeous. I'm v tempted to head to your etsy shop now!
    Plus you've totally inspired me to do the toy society thing.
    Thanks :o)

  2. I love them.
    The fabric on the first one is really cool.
    Are they your own pattern?

  3. They are a hybrid of a pattern I found on Martha Stewart and a retro reprint Simplicity pattern.. I combined the two and sized them to my own liking.

  4. I made the exact bag as a small knitting project bag using the blue and black fabric! It is one of my favorite fabrics. Great minds think alike! Great job!